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Alerts and News is your secret weapon for all the latest updates on stocks, markets, forex, crypto, and more. We provide the tools and insights that make you a better investor and trader.

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Success in long term investing and day trading hinges on access to premier information and tools. At Alerts and News, we provide exactly that and much more, all in one readily accessible location. Our platform ensures you’re equipped with cutting edge resources, empowering you to make optimal decisions in the market. Whether you’re focused on long term dividend stocks, options, rapid momentum alerts, or swing trades, our comprehensive coverage has every angle covered.

Trading is risky, and we are not an investment advisor. We expect our members to put in their own due diligence and take responsibility for their success as an investor or trader. Yet, with our advanced tools, expert guidance, and a strong community network, you are well-equipped to refine your trading abilities and elevate your potential for success.

“I would recommend Alerts and News to anyone that want to get into serious trading. I wish I found them earlier! It would have helped beat the steep learning curve and save me lots of headaches. Definitely looking forward to what 2024 will offer!!”
V. Phan

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What do our members say about us:

Luca Sansoni


Definitely the best platform to improve skills on Day and Swing trading. Very friendly group chat and very clear alerts. The voice chat for Day Trading is very useful and well organized like every part of the platform. Satisfied 100%.


I want to thanks the “Alerts and News” team it is been a long journey in my trading career. I spent my first year trading just losing money until I found this man right here change my entire trading career. This is a person who takes time to answer all your questions anytime. After been trading with him I can call myself a trader. he provided one to one lesson to make sure you master all the elements you need to survive in the trading world. It sounded like it was to good to be true but I took my chances and it was the best decision I have made in my life. this is a true man who cares about his members. Thanks a lot Alerts and News God bless you for all you have done for me. I feel blessed every to be part of your trading family. 🙏🏻


Muhammad Imran


I joined Alerts and News last year. Left my full time job as I felt it was not fulfilling me any more. Joined the group, it is a true teacher. Tons of learning from them which helped me.


Alerts and News has always provided the best market analysis out of any company I have been with. I have paid for a subscription to 3 other chat rooms, and Alerts and News’s chat room has always been honest, fair, and fast with their alerts. They are as transparent and personable as they come, and posts his gains and losses so you can see how he is doing. He is always quick to answer any question I have about the market, and has helped me out on private message on various occasions. I am thankful I found Alerts and News, and I am excited to continue using their services!

Zach Perdun

J. Moody


Before I found Alerts and News, I was trying to learn the market on the fly. I was getting pretty beat up and I was never finding winning trades. I decided to give Alerts and News a try since I needed help bad. Once joining his group he gave me a lesson where I learned more about the market in 1 hour than I did the months I was trying prior. He calls plays how he sees them, and has no fear to tell you it’s a good play or that you should stay out of it. Each day he teaches me a few new things that help me become a successful day trader. He was the first person I ever looked to for guidance and he will for sure be the last.


I got tired of guessing the market on my own, well now I don’t guess. AlertsAndNews has made it simple to see market direction daily and for deeper outlook as well. Helped me turn some savings I had, that were idle, into a small honey hole that keeps growing! Definitely recommend!

Brett B.

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