Weekly Watchlist and Review 10/1/23

Weekly Watchlist and Review

Hey traders, investors, and market watchers! Welcome to the newest edition of our Weekend Watchlist and Review. Over at ALERTSANDNEWS.COM, Last week we saw some monsters. Let’s get into some highlights from this week:

Markets taking a dip after Jpow continued his hawkish tone. That did stop us from having great alerts. FEMY we had multiple alerts on, first one came out when the news dropped. As always early to the action with that first alert at .74, then the next day we had a buy alert on it, nailing over 5 targets. Then again as a overnighter alert, running about 57% from that alert. She was the gift that kept giving. RNAZ earlier in the week BLEW up on our alert, nailed that buy alert for another 100%+ alert. SLNO, PIXY, IMVT, BFRG, MNTS, VSME were some of other alerts. Winners everyday!

Consistency and precision? That’s the ALERTSANDNEWS.COM way. Our alerts range from momentum, overnights, swings, options, to dividend stocks and more. Always remember: doing your own research and learning is crucial. But if top-tier alerts and insights are what you’re after, we got you. Check out some of our alerts from the past week – the screenshots speak for themselves. Oh, and a quick reminder: use code AAN10 at checkout for a 10% discount during signup. Ready to elevate your trading game? Join the family!

Let’s start what to eye tomorrow, and the news over the weekend.

Heres the Gappers from Friday. Some big movers here, AWIN big pop almost a 50% move here, they had news-Strategic Alternatives headline. BTTR nice pop. Look at the volume on RVLP, 110M traded? holy ()@$. All pennies. 

AMC Variety Reported Earlier, Beyonce In Final Talks To Release ‘Renaissance’ Concert Film Through AMC Theatres Following Taylor Swift Deal. AMC has been pretty flat lately. Can this give it a push, maybe. Eye it in the morning. Symmetrical triangle forming.

Let’s go over the weekend headlines 

  • LMT Royal Danish Air Force and Lockheed Martin Celebrate Arrival of First Four Danish F-35 Aircraft
  • NIO NIO Earlier Sunday, Announced Delivery Of 15,641 Vehicles in September 2023, Up 43.8% YoY
  • XPEV- XPENG Announced Earlier Sunday, Delivery Of 15,310 Smart EVs In September 2023, Up 81% YoY
  • LI Li Auto Announced Late Saturday, Delivery Of 36,060 Vehicles In September 2023, Up 212.7% YoY
  • Humana’s 2024 Medicare Advantage Health Plan Offerings Designed With Affordability, Customer Feedback in Mind
  • AOC Criticizes GOP Congressman, Trump’s Niece Warns Of Potential Danger, Biden Urges Republicans Amid Shutdown Threat And More: This Week In Politics
  • UnitedHealthcare’s 2024 Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Enhancements to Benefits that Matter Most to Members
  • MXL Optomind and MaxLinear announce collaboration on PAM4 112Gbps OSFP 800Gbps SR8 transceiver solution at ECOC Exhibition 2023
  • U.S. Senate Bill To Avert Government Shutdown Gets Enough Votes To Advance-C-span
  • The Cigna Group Announced Late Friday It Has Settled Pending Legal Issues Related To Past Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment Practices And Will Pay ~$172M Under Agreement With Federal Government
  • DWAC Digital World Acquisition Corp. and Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. Reaffirm Commitment to Merger
  • Ackman Considers Musk’s X for New Investment Vehicle-WSJ 

  • Senior Senate Democrat threatens to block military aid to Egypt on human rights grounds


News Coming:

By staying informed about the FDA decisions and other news. Investors, healthcare professionals, and patients can gauge the potential impact on the pharmaceutical industry, stock market, and patient care. These decisions can influence the market value of pharmaceutical companies. Let’s look at the news coming: 

Stock Ticker Company NameDecision DetailsEstimated Decision Date
Amgen Inc

FDA panel to discuss conversion of accelerated approval on LUMAKRAS for adults with previously treated locally advanced or metastatic KRAS G12C-mutated non-small cell lung cancer to full approval

ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.FDA decision on Onpattro for the expanded use in treating cardiomyopathy of transthyretin-mediated (ATTR) amyloidosis10/8/2023
BMYBristol-Myers Squibb Co.

FDA decision on Opdivo as monotherapy adjuvant therapy for the treatment of completely resected stage IIB or IIC melanoma.


Merck & Co Inc.

FDA decision on Keytruda for the treatment of patients with resectable stage II, IIIA, or IIIB NSCLC in combination with platinum-containing chemotherapy as neoadjuvant treatment, and then continued as a single agent as adjuvant treatment.KRAS G12C-mutated non-small cell lung cancer to full approval10/16/2023

Ardelyx, Inc

FDA decision on XPHOZAH for the control of serum phosphorus in adult patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis who have had an inadequate response or intolerance to a phosphate binder therapy.10/17/2023
BHCBausch Health Companies Inc.FDA decision on IDP 126 gel triple therapy for the treatment for acne vulgaris.10/20/2023

Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

FDA decision to expand VOXZOGO use in children with achondroplasia under the age of 5.10/21/2023


Let’s look at some oversold and/or highly shorted stocks. 

Understanding oversold and highly shorted stocks is crucial for traders and investors as it prepares them to seize potential opportunities. Oversold stocks might represent a bargain if they are undervalued due to excessive selling. Highly shorted stocks are poised for what’s called a short squeeze. A rapid price increase that can occur when short sellers scramble to cover their positions. By staying informed, investors can be better prepared to navigate the market.

TSVT: TSVT’s making its second appearance on our watchlist, and for good reason. Since our last mention, it’s had a sweet pop from 3.16. Short float around the 23% area according to one source. Could see a rebound to the 50 SMA on the daily. MACD crossed to the bullish side, continue to have this one on the radar. 

CUTR: This one’s popped up on our radar recently. With the RSI hitting the floor and the MACD taking a plunge, it’s got our attention. With an 18M float, and a whopping 33.9% of it shorted (according to one source), there’s potential for some interesting movement. We’re keeping tabs on this in the upcoming weeks.

ASTI: This one’s caught our eye with its super slim float, just 200k shares. It’s taking a steep dive, and that RSI? Practically on the floor. This stock’s dropping fast, so we’re watching closely for when the volume picks up. We’re on it, keep it on your radar for sure. 

Oversold beat up stocks to eye,


Economic Calendar and Futures.

MONDAY, OCT. 2     
9:45 amS&P final U.S. manufacturing PMISept. 48.9
10:00 amISM manufacturingSept. 48.047.6
10:00 amConstruction spendingAug. 0.6%0.7%
TUESDAY, Oct. 3     
10:00 amJob openingsAug. 8.8 million8.8 million
8:15 amADP employmentSept. 150,000177,000
9:45 amS&P final U.S. services PMISept. 50.2
10:00 amFactory ordersAug. 0.3%-2.1%
10:00 amISM servicesSept. 53.6%54.5%
8:30 amInitial jobless claimsSept. 30 209,000204,000
8:30 amU.S. trade deficitAug. -$60.1B-$65.0B
FRIDAY, OCT. 6     
8:30 amU.S. employment reportSept. 170,000187,000
8:30 amU.S. unemployment rateSept. 3.7%3.8%
8:30 amU.S. hourly wagesSept. 0.3%0.2%
8:30 amHourly wages year over year  4.3%
3:00 pmConsumer creditAug. $11.7B$10.4B

Alright, lets gear up for a news-packed week ahead. The economic calendar is jam-packed and it’s gonna stir the pot. Starting off Monday, Oct 2nd, we’re diving into PMI and construction spending. Tuesday, the 3rd, brings us job openings. Roll into Wednesday and we’ve got ADP employment, more PMI, and factory orders on the table. Thursday’s serving up initial jobless claims and the trade deficit. And Friday? That’s the big show with the employment report, unemployment rate, hourly wages, and to top it off, consumer credit. Stay sharp; it’s gonna be a week to remember.

As of 6:38 PM EDT, market futures are ripping. For more targeted insights and timely alerts, make sure to check us out at alertsandnews.com Don’t forget to use the promo code AAN10 for 10% discount on all our packages. Getting the team the first mover advantage. Get informed first with your command center for the markets. Don’t let the next big opportunity pass you by! Sign up today!


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