Weekly Watchlist and Review 8/27/23

Weekly Watchlist and Review

Traders, Investors, and Market Enthusiasts, dive into our newest edition of the Weekend Watchlist and Review. At ALERTSANDNEWS.COM, alerts have been on another level, we’re seeing some great runners daily. Here’s a brief recap of some of our recent star alerts:

Oh, what a week it was! VFS clearly wore the crown, with alert after alert paying off big. Our opening alert landed over 18 and some change, setting off a cascade of target hits. Then, banking on one of our beloved overnight patterns, VFS followed that pattern perfectly for the team for another 40%+ gain again. VFS was the gift that kept giving all week! Team printed on this one over and over again. Then there was VCIG, which soared almost 100% post our first alert on Wednesday. BRSH also delivered on Thursday with two spot-on alerts. Also ELIQ first alert came on Monday morning, then again on Thursday when it blew. On Thursday it was alerted to the team at 1.83 then proceeded to blow up to 3.66. Anonther dime alert last week! Winners everyday!

At ALERTSANDNEWS.COM, being consistent and calibrated is our hallmark. With alerts spanning from momentum, overnights, swings, options, dividend stocks… catalysts to entires/targets/stops daily! Independent research is always key! But if you’re in pursuit of exceptional alerts and insights. Browse through highlights of our best alerts from the past week on the screenshots. And remember, the code LABOR20 gets you a 20% discount during signup. Join us and take your trading to the next level!

Let’s start what to eye tomorrow, and the news over the weekend.

Heres the Gappers from Friday. Seeing some headlines both on Friday and over the weekend to monitor. VFS continues to hold up, keep an eye for a last explosion on that one. We already nailed this one, hard to chase way up here. 

LQR: Headline on Friday here:

LQR House Announces Stock Repurchase Program and Upcoming Marketing Plans to Reinforce Investor Confidence and Integrity

Text book cup and handle forming here. This was the top play on friday in afterhours on this headline. Keep an eye on these trends. Targets as well if the volume flows. 


BBIO: Headline over the weekend here: 

BridgeBio presents detailed positive results from Phase 3 ATTRibute-CM study of acoramidis for patients with transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2023


Remember this one from June? We swung this from 16 to 35 earlier in the summer. Nice pull back and with news over the weekend. This never completely filled the gap to 38.13. 30 minute chart tells the story here. Trend and resistance areas to monitor here. 

Let’s go over the weekend headlines 

  • BSX ADVENT Study of the FARAPULSE™ Pulsed Field Ablation System Meets Primary Efficacy and Safety Endpoints

  • Trump Returns To Twitter, Now X, Boasts More Followers Than All GOP Opponents Combined
  • AMGN HZNP FTC Takes A Rare Step Back, Pauses Legal Battle With Amgen Over $28B Horizon Deal

  • ESPR Esperion Presents Two CLEAR Outcomes Study Late-Breakers at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2023

  • Tropical Storm Idalia expected to hit Florida as hurricane-Reuters 

  • China’s ‘aggressive behaviour’ in South China Sea must be challenged, US Navy official says-Reuters

  • China Evergrande first-half net loss narrows to $4.5 billion-Reuters

  • RAD Drug retailer Rite Aid prepares to file for bankruptcy, Wall Street Journal reports

  • TWNK Twinkies maker Hostess Brands explores sale amid takeover interest, sources say

  • Fed’s Mester sees another rate hike, says rate cuts may have to wait

  • UK BoE Dep. Gov. Broadbent: Monetary policy may well have to stay in restrictive territory for some time yet.

  • Fed’s Mester: Current outlook is for one more rate hike, though not necessarily in September.

  • MMM 3M Agrees to Pay More Than $5.5 Billion Over Military Earplugs-Bloomberg

  • Credit Suisse posted $4 billion loss in 2Q – Sonntagszeitung

  • China Cuts Tax on Stock Trading to Boost Market Confidence-Bloomberg

  • Nvidia Plans to Buy Back Billions in Stock. Other Companies Could Join in Soon.-Barrons

  • Iran says uranium enrichment continues based on domestic law-Reuters

News Coming:

By staying informed about the FDA decisions and other news. Investors, healthcare professionals, and patients can gauge the potential impact on the pharmaceutical industry, stock market, and patient care. These decisions can influence the market value of pharmaceutical companies. Let’s look at the news coming. 

Stock Ticker Company NameDecision DetailsEstimated Decision Date

Outlook Therapeutics, Inc

FDA decision on ONS-5010 / LYTENAVA for the treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD)

BLRXBioLineRx Ltd.FDA decision on proposed use of APHEXDA in stem cell mobilization for autologous transplantation in multiple myeloma patients9/9/2023
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc.

FDA panel to review Onpattro for the expanded use in treating cardiomyopathy of transthyretin-mediated (ATTR) amyloidosis


Subcutaneous Tecentriq (BLA)

FDA decision on Subcutaneous Tecentriq for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer9/15/2023
BCLIBrainstorm Cell Therapeutics IncFDA panel to review NurOwn for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis9/27/2023
OCUPOcuphire Pharma, Inc.FDA decision on Nyxol for the treatment of pharmacologically induced mydriasis9/28/2023

Amgen Inc.

FDA panel to discuss conversion of accelerated approval on LUMAKRAS for adults with previously treated locally advanced or metastatic KRAS G12C-mutated non-small cell lung cancer to full approva10/05/2023

Let’s look at some oversold and/or highly shorted stocks. 

Understanding oversold and highly shorted stocks is crucial for traders and investors as it prepares them to seize potential opportunities. Oversold stocks might represent a bargain if they are undervalued due to excessive selling. Highly shorted stocks are poised for what’s called a short squeeze. A rapid price increase that can occur when short sellers scramble to cover their positions. By staying informed, investors can be better prepared to navigate the market.

AAMC: Talk about a fall from grace. This one has been heading straight down for a while now without any significant bounce. The daily MACD indicates convergence, and the RSI suggests it’s heavily oversold. While the short float isn’t exceptionally high, it’s hovering around 10%. Last time it tested this mid 8’s range, it saw a strong rebound. Keep an eye on this support area in the upcoming weeks.

AMPX: Remember the days during the IPO frenzy? This was a beast back then. Now it’s hitting those oversold vibes. I’m spotting a key support at around 4.15. Let’s watch closely if it touches down there. I’m curious to see the volume action if that level gets tested. Super oversold, the short interest isn’t sky high, only about 5%. Still, keep it on your list and watch out for that bounce.

BTAI: Man, this one’s taken a serious beating. What’s interesting is that, according to one source, the short float is sitting at around 35% of the total float. If those shorts start feeling the heat and squeeze, it could get wild. Very oversold and highly shorted, a recipe for a squeeze. Keep it locked on this one.

BBLG: These penny stocks have been moving with some serious volume lately. Time to throw this one on the radar. Now I’m spotting a spinning top candle, a sign things might be flipping. Gonna keep this one on the lookout for a potential bounce. The short float isn’t crazy high, but let’s not sleep on it this week.

Oversold beat up stocks to eye,


Upcoming Earnings:

Economic Calendar and Futures.

MONDAY, AUG. 28     
 None scheduled    
TUESDAY, AUG. 29     
9:00 amS&P Case-Shiller home price index (20 cities)June -1.7%
10:00 amJob openingsJuly  9.58 million
10:00 amConsumer confidenceAug. 116.5117
8:15 amADP employmentAug. 170,000324,000
8:30 amGDP (revision)Q2 2.4%2.4%
8:30 amAdvanced U.S. trade balance in goodsJuly -$88.8B
8:30 amAdvanced retail inventoriesJuly 0.7%
8:30 amAdvanced wholesale inventoriesJuly 0.5%
10:00 amPending home salesJuly -0.8%0.3%
THURSDAY, AUG. 31     
8:30 amInitial jobless claimsAug. 26 235,000230,000
8:30 amPersonal income (nominal)Aug. 0.3%0.3%
8:30 amPersonal spending (nominal)Aug. 0.7%0.5%
8:30 amPCE indexJuly 0.2%
8:30 amCore PCE indexJuly 0.2%0.2%
8:30 amPCE (year-over-year)  3.0%
8:30 amCore PCE (year-over-year)  4.2%4.1%
9:45 amChicago Business BarometerAug. 44.242.8
10:00 am     
FRIDAY, SEPT. 1     
8:30 amU.S. nonfarm payrollsAug. 165,000187,000
8:30 amU.S. unemployment rateAug. 3.5%3.6%
8:30 amU.S. hourly wagesAug. 0.3%0.4%
8:30 amHourly wages year over year  4.4%4.4%
10:00 amISM manufacturingAug. 46.646.4%
10:00 amConstruction spendingJuly 0.5%0.5%

In the upcoming week, markets will be attentively reviewing a series of key economic data points. Starting on Tuesday, Aug. 29, the S&P Case-Shiller home price index will give insights into housing market trends, complemented by job openings and consumer confidence figures. Wednesday is packed with updates, notably including the ADP employment report and the GDP revision for Q2. Thursday will see data on initial jobless claims and personal income, alongside several PCE indices that could signal inflationary trends. To cap the week, Friday, Sept. 1 promises a close look at the labor market with the U.S. nonfarm payrolls, unemployment rate, and hourly wage statistics. All in all, these releases will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current economic climate, crucial for investors and policymakers alike.

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